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This is our bespoke collection of baby books . Designed for your personal ouch and memories 

Stage 1 (0-24 months) this  isa crucial, Between one and 12 months, infants display new developmental abilities.

00-03 (months) Coos and makes pleasure sounds, Reacts to loud sounds, Calms down or smiles when spoken to.

04-06  (months)Responds to changes in the tone of your voice and their name. Babbles in a speech-like way and uses many different sounds, including sounds that begin with p, b, and m.

07-12 (months) Listens when spoken to. Has one or two words (“Hi,” “dog,” “Dada,” or “Mama”) by the first birthday.

13-18, (months) Point to things when asked, like familiar people and objects such as ‘book’ and ‘car’.

19-24,(months)Use up to 20 simple words, such as 'cup', 'daddy' and 'dog'. These words may not always be easily recognised by unfamiliar adults.



This is our bespoke collection of Toddler books . Designed to encourage and develop speech and reading.

Stage 2 (2 -4 years)is the milestone where children develop their independanceMotorskillsincrease rapidly and they start to recognise significant letters.

25 (months)Concentrate on activities for longer,Listento and remember simple stories with pictures.Asklots of questions. They will want to find out the name of things and learn new words. 

36 (months) Put 4 or 5 words together to make short sentences, such as 'want more juice' or ‘he took my ball’, Use up to 300 words. These will also become more recognisable to others.

48 (months) Understand and often use colour, number and time-related words, for example, 'red' car, 'three'fingers and ' yesterday/tomorrow'.



Stage 3,(4 and 5+ years) children become fully independent of their personal needs and their personality becomes refined.pre school age, leaning to write names and simple words.

49 (months) They can also have long conversations.Understandmore complicated language such as ‘first’,‘last’, ‘might’, ‘may be’, ‘above’ and ‘in between’.

60 (months) Think more about the meanings of words, such as describing the meaning of simple words or asking what a new word means.

(Children develop skills at different rates)