Keesha's First Steps| Our story

We started this store to give parents a platform where they can shop for bespoke books that represent their child .

We create personalised baby books. Books to teach your baby. We are a brand that focuses on child development. There are many factors in child development such as personal and academic. Personal includes self-esteem, character building, and knowledge.  We also focus on academic growth; building on the EYFS structure. Many parents do not understand how to expand their child's vocabulary or if their child has a speech impediment, especially if it is their first child. Keesha's Firststep's aims to give parents the resources to be able to distinguish,  a typical child's speech error compared with an error that may be corrected early on (i.e lisp).  We aim to give parents the confidence to be able to deliver their child extra tuition at home.


Every child is special and unique; at Keesha's First Step's we want to emulate each child's physical appearance because every child is beautiful. We believe it is essential for a child to grow up seeing positive characters that looks like them. The best physical role model they can have are themselves. That is where we come in and put your child in a book ... So they can go into the world knowing that anything is possible.