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Our Twelve Month Subscription Package includes, 1 personalised book  and  an activity book filled with reading tips and activities to help your child learn how to read .

Our activity book has details on how children develop language and the basics of language. It will guide you through getting your child to recognise letters and then move smoothly on to reading sentences .

You can choose the major themes to run through the story. Our main themes are friendship, happiness, loneliness, independence, obedience and much more. As well as having very strong morals running through each story .

All of our books in this subscription are highly personalised . Please give as much detail you would like to incorporate . Starting with the key child of the story, any siblings, parents and family .

Please ensure you attach personal items such as favourite toys, clothes or accessories you would lie to be included . As the months progress please feel free to update these items at


Price £340 

Single purchased total £370 7% off .